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Payroll Outsource in Türkiye & HR Consulting - CottGroup

Industry 4.0

We ensure your payroll processes with the digital transformation brought by Industry 4.0.

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Industry 4.0

We ensure your payroll processes with the digital transformation brought by Industry 4.0.

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Bordromat and Industry 4.0

Bordromat® and Industry 4.0

Technology for Human

As a general concept, Industry 4.0 is an integration of information technologies and industry. With digitalization, which is the main output of this collective work, development is achieved at all stages of value chain.

One of the main components of the Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation through high security and low-cost new generation software. Bordromat provides automation with its cloud and self-service features through end-to-end payroll processes. The concept expressing the internet of services defines the software and services that will provide the relationship between the companies serving on the internet and companies receiving the service. "The internet of services" definition in Industry 4.0 forms a more robust and sustainable infrastructure in the data transformation, integration capability, and security areas rather than traditional service delivery.

Bordromat incorporates both outstanding legislation support and thoroughly organized payroll calculation service within itself.

The way for human resources to develop strategies suitable for new business models is only possible with the efficiency, flexibility, and security of the software used. In this context, the following features of Bordromat correspond to the expectations of Industry 4.0:

  • Supports corporate digitalization as a whole by putting human at the center
  • Constantly updated with minimal maintenance
  • Provides infrastructure in compliance with Turkish Data Protection Law (KVKK)
  • Never compromises on privacy and security, protected against cyber-attacks with the most potent weapons
  • Guarantees to have the highest performance on the high number of employees even with the most complex payroll input structures and the high number of users
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