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All the features you need are in one place.

Bordromat® payroll process management system offers more than all the possibilities of traditional payroll processing software.

The idea, Bordromat, has emerged as a product of our efforts to overcome the obstacles we had encountered during the payroll calculation of domestic and foreign companies for those we have been providing payroll outsource services for long years.

Since chess is a strategic game, it has similarities with payroll processes. Both payroll processes and chess require effective time management in addition to a thoroughly outlined plan and do not accept any fault. The experience needed to make the right moves in chess comes from years of playing. As HR professionals, who have played a role in the payroll processes of hundreds of customers for many years, we have shaped Bordromat by analyzing our every move. In the labyrinth of ever-changing legislation, we have designed the most consistent application practices and have transferred them to the system. Starting from the payroll input file preparation, we have developed all payroll applications meticulously and created a unique experience for you.

All the features you need are in one place | Bordromat

What is Bordromat®?

Bordromat is a process management system that redefines the payroll calculation experience.

Discover Bordromat, your smart assistant with an infrastructure of high confidentiality and security that never compromises legal compliance on personal data.

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End-to-end Payroll Process Management

End-to-end Payroll Process Management

The approach to the new generation payroll process management is shaped on the velocity, high security, accuracy, flexibility, and easy-to-use axis. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of payroll have been the driving force of Bordromat® with the contribution of developments in information technologies to the need for capacity, security, and velocity in web-based applications. With this power, we meet all your expectations in the legal compliance with both perfect payroll processes and accurate legislative structuring.

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CottGroup® is a holistic service organization that offers practical solutions suitable for all your needs in the field of human resources. Informasoft®, designed to manage your human resources processes, is placed 4th among the Human Resources software in Türkiye as the choice of global companies for 15 years which is the most exported software in Türkiye. Bordromat payroll process management software integrates with all our systems and manages the payroll processes of global companies. Now, you can manage all your payroll functions with a different experience than other payroll software.

Would you like to meet the creators of Bordromat?

Global Knowledge | Local Experience

Thanks to each of our employees who dedicate themselves to the success of this community;

  • Over 500 customers from 40 sectors,
  • Three of the world's top ten companies,
  • Two of the world's top three e-commerce companies,
  • Three of the world's four largest software companies,

And the greatest organizations of the finance and banking sector prefer to cooperate with our group for different service needs.

Global Knowledge | Local Experience | Bordromat

Undeniably, Our Best Areas



Beyond your expectations from a payroll software... Manage your payroll process end-to-end by designing your entire payroll process in the most effective way.



Get the power to work independently of time and space thanks to the most innovative technologies. Gain speed by getting integrated with your other systems.



Experience the unique features created by the synergy brought by the employees working in the field of Human Resources with tax experts.



Safeguard against the legal risks with this system that complies with the Labor Law, Social Security Legislation, Taxation and Personal Data Protection Law, and all the relevant legislation.



Keep your data confidential and secure against possible risks under the favor of the infrastructure equipped with the most powerful systems in the field of cyber security.



Increase the productivity through interacting in payroll processes by adding the desired employee groups as a system user.

Success Stories

In our digital transformation journey as Süzer Group, Bordromat, which seamlessly align with the process, has provided significant gains in our payroll calculation processes.

CottGroup's next-generation solutions optimize how we manage our human resources operations. We count on CottGroup's cutting-edge technology to accommodate our expanding requirements.

Süzer Grubu
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